How it all started

Canister Watches was established by Chris Lewington, an Active Duty member of the Canadian Armed Forces. A career in the military and twenty years of watch collecting, were the crucible that formed Canister Watches. Soldiering has taught the importance of respecting time, as well as the consequences when tools and equipment fail.

The Fieldmaster took over 18 months to design, prototype, refine and produce, but it all started at the kitchen table.

Our aim is simple. Build great watches, rugged and dependable tools built for a purpose.

We believe that well made, well built watches don’t need fancy bells and whistles. Using quality components and craftsmanship never goes out of style.

Living in Brandon, Manitoba has proven to be the perfect location for pushing the Fieldmaster to its limits. Extreme winter conditions of minus 40’s are common, as are 14 hour work days in the summer.

Chris, Monija, Liam and Scarlett thank you for taking the time to check out Canister Watches.